sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2009

DISRUPT- Discography


Atendendo ao pedido do Robinho ta aí a quase completa discografia do Disrupt (não colocaram duas faixas do Unrest -Domestic Prision e Conplaint). Porém contém as músicas dos Eps Refuse Planet e Deprived e também os sons dos splits com Warcollapse, Tumiopaivan Lapset,Taste Of Fear, Resist, Destroy e Distain, enfim dispensa comentários!


01 Trapped
02 Leave Me Be
03 Succumb To The Pressure
04 You've No One To Blame - Xenophobia
05 From Protest To Resistance (Conflict)
06 Crusade Of Fanaticism
07 An End To White Rule
08 Body Count
09 Coexistance
10 Slave To Stupidity
11 Another Angle On Angling
12 No One Seems to Give A Fuck
13 Equalize
14 Crock O Christians
15 Try My Trust
16 Critics
17 Deprived
18 Rid The Cancer
19 Lack Of Intelligence
20 Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
21 God Fearing Citizen
22 Victims Of Tradition
23 Solidarity
24 Pigs Suck
25 Smash Divisions
26 Eat Shit
27 Dog Eat Dog
28 Deprived
29 Give It Back
30 Victims Of Tradition
31 Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
32 Lack of Intelligence
33 No Values-Solidarity
34 Dog Eat Dog
35 Suffocation
36 Subject To Suffering
37 No Values
38 No Values
39 Refuse Planet
40 G.A.M.E.
41 Consumed By The System
42 Doomed To Extinction
43 Be Your Own Boss
44 Rid the Cancer
45 Crock O Christian
46 Millions Die For Moneymaking
47 Anti Sobriety Song


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